Collected items

Collected items data

Date: 2019-09-29 00:00:00

Beach: Cala Cerrada

Object list
Object Quantity Category Container
Plastic pieces 0-2,5 cm 20 Plastic General Waste
Bags, crisp/sweet packets, lolly sticks 13 Plastic Packaging
Bottle caps/lids 9 Plastic Packaging
Irrigation pipes 7 Plastic Municipal Waste Point
Straws, cutlery, cups, fiber glass 6 Plastic General Waste
Strapping bands 6 Plastic General Waste
Items used on aquaculture (plastic sheeting from mussel culture, tahitians, oyster trays, oyster nets or mussel bags...) 6 Plastic General Waste
Drink bottles 5 Plastic Packaging
Other glass items and pieces 4 Glass Glass
Bags (shopping, food, freezer bags...) 3 Plastic Packaging
Glass bottles and jars 3 Glass Glass
Industrial packaging, plasting sheeting 2 Plastic Municipal Waste Point
Other ceramic/pottery items and pieces 2 Others General Waste
Food container and cosmetics 1 Plastic Packaging
4/6 pack yokes 1 Plastic Packaging
Foam, sponges 1 Plastic General Waste
Nets and pieces of nets, cords and tangled nets, octopus pots 1 Plastic General Waste
Fishing lines, light sticks, plastic bait... 1 Plastic General Waste
Pallets 1 Wood (machined) Municipal Waste Point
Most numerous objects in units