Collected items

Collected items data

Date: 2019-11-19 00:00:00

Beach: Negrete

Object list
Object Quantity Category Container
Other plastic items (identifiable) 897 Plastic General Waste
Plastic pieces 0-2,5 cm 658 Plastic General Waste
Plastic pieces 2,5 cm-50 cm 227 Plastic Municipal Waste Point
Bottle caps/lids 95 Plastic Packaging
Cigarette butts 64 Paper / Cardboard General Waste
Bags, crisp/sweet packets, lolly sticks 57 Plastic Packaging
Cotton bud sticks 37 Sanitary Waste General Waste
Foil wrappers 32 Metal Packaging
Bags (shopping, food, freezer bags...) 25 Plastic Packaging
Items used on aquaculture (plastic sheeting from mussel culture, tahitians, oyster trays, oyster nets or mussel bags...) 21 Plastic General Waste
Ropes/strings/cords 20 Plastic General Waste
Wipes 15 Sanitary Waste General Waste
Fishing lines, light sticks, plastic bait... 12 Plastic General Waste
Cleaner containers 10 Plastic Packaging
Irrigation pipes 10 Plastic Municipal Waste Point
Sanitary towels, panty liners, backing strips, tampons (applicators included) 7 Sanitary Waste General Waste
Pallets 6 Wood (machined) Municipal Waste Point
Straws, cutlery, cups, fiber glass 5 Plastic General Waste
Industrial packaging, plasting sheeting 5 Plastic Municipal Waste Point
Food container and cosmetics 4 Plastic Packaging
Nets and pieces of nets, cords and tangled nets, octopus pots 4 Plastic General Waste
Boxes and boxes pieces 4 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard
Containers and medicine tubes 4 Medical Waste Pharmaceutical
Drink bottles 3 Plastic Packaging
Drink cans 3 Metal Packaging
Clothing and shoes (leather) 3 Others General Waste
Paper napkins, table cloths 2 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard
Other metal items and pieces < 50 cm 2 Metal General Waste
Others (swabs, bandaging...) 2 Medical Waste General Waste
Strapping bands 1 Plastic General Waste
Cigarette packets 1 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard
Other wood items and pieces < 50 cm 1 Wood (machined) General Waste
Bottle caps, ring tabs... 1 Metal Packaging
Electrical and electronic appliances, batteries 1 Metal Municipal Waste Point
Condoms (wrap included) 1 Sanitary Waste General Waste
Rubber (ballons, plastic valves, ribbons, strings...) 1 Others General Waste
Other textiles 1 Others General Waste
Construction materials e.g. tiles 1 Others Municipal Waste Point
Most numerous objects in units